Enjoy a series of cleaning videos and information to properly clean your electronics.


Lesson 1: Cleaning Inside Your Computer

In this lesson, we prepare you for cleaning the inside of your computer by removing the dust and debris build up on the CPU fan and power fan with a Duster. Keeping your fans free of dust and heat build-up will keep your system running properly and prevent a crash.

Lesson 2: Cleaning the Computer Keyboard

In this lesson we will walk you through the proper steps to clean your keyboard of dust, grime and debris. We will demonstrate a duster to remove built up dust and disinfecting wipes to remove germs from your keys.

Lesson 3: Cleaning Your Computer Monitor

In this lesson, we demonstrate how to properly clean a computer monitor. Many of the LCD and LED screens have film technology that can be damaged by regular cleaning with window cleaner and paper towels. Learn how to properly clean your monitors with a professional solution and process.

Lesson 4: Cleaning Your Computer Mouse

In this Lesson, we will quickly walk you through important cleaning process for your mouse. Keeping your mouse clean will help you get the most out of your input device and keep it performing properly.

Lesson 5: Cleaning Your TV Screen

In this lesson, we will learn the proper products and process for TV screen care. Cleaning your screens with window cleaner and paper towels can damage your screen surface over time and degrade picture. Make sure you take the right steps to properly understand how to care for your hi-tech LCD, LED or Plasma screens.

Lesson 6: Cleaning Your Laptop

In this lesson, we will demonstrate how to clean you laptop keyboard, screen and case. To clean these areas on your laptop we will be using a Dust-Off Duster, Disinfecting Wipes and Screen Spray with microfiber cloth.

Lesson 7: Smart Phone Cleaning

In this Lesson, we will use a Dust-Off Smart Phone Cleaning Kit to properly clean the screen and case of your portable device. Understanding the proper products to clean today’s hi-tech screens will help in the care and maintenance of your smart phones.

Lesson 8: Cleaning Your Tablets and eReaders

In this Lesson, we will demonstrate how to properly clean your tablet and eReader screens. We will demonstrate how to use Dust-Off Screen Spray that is specificaly designed for today’s hi-tech film screens. The “no-run” formula and microfiber cloths will help you achieve a professional finish.

Lesson 9: Cleaning Your Handheld Game Console

In this Lesson, we demonstrate how to clean many of the handheld and portable gaming systems. keeping the controllers and screens clean is important to the game play and performance with your handheld gaming systems.

Lesson 10: Smart Phone Cleaning with QuickClean Wipes

This video lesson is a quick overview of how to clean your smart phone using screen cleaning wipes.

Lesson 11: Cleaning Your Gaming Gear and Gaming System

Cleaning you gaming gear can help maximize performance while playing. Keeping you gear free of germs, dust and debris will provide you with the best gaming experience every time. Learn how to properly care for your gaming gear and gaming console.

Lesson 12: Automotive Screen Care

In this lesson, you will learn how to properly clean the touch screens in your automobile. Using Dust-Off’s Ultimate Screen Care Kit, we will demonstrate how to clean all screens and media within your car.

Lesson 13: Office Surface Cleaning

In this lesson, we present the importance of regular office surface cleaning with disinfecting wipes and Screen Spray to remove grime and finger prints. Keeping these surfaces clean will reduce the spreading of germs within the office. In this video, we outline proper process for cleaning you copier, printer and other office electronic surfaces to keep your office a healthy environment.

Lesson 14: Cleaning Your Projector

In this lesson, we go throug hthe process of cleaning the dust build-up in the projector fans and lamp. Every projector brand is different, so this video walks you through the basics of how to use a duster to blow-out the dust and wipes to disinfect the surface of the projector.

Lesson 15: Marine Screen Care

In this lesson, we demonstrate how to clean the screens on your marine navigational equipment. Falcon Marine Screen Care, cleans nautical equipment with flying colors! Our advanced “no run” Cleaning Spray formula is a superior cleaning product with Microfiber Cloth for polishing. The spray is non-toxic and safe for use in water. It also dissolves salt.

Lesson 16: Cleaning Your Tablets and eReaders with QuickClean Wipes

This video lesson is a quick overview of how to clean your tablets and eReaders using screen cleaning wipes.

Dust-Off Duster Proper Use Video

Using a canister filled with liquid gas is important to your safety and the safety of others. Understand proper use techniques before using any of our Dust-Off Duster products.