Number 2 on my cell phone?

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A recent study showed one in six mobile phones were contaminated with fecal matter.

Health researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine attributed the results of the study to people not washing their hands properly after using the restroom.

The findings from 390 samples from mobile phones and hands in 12 cities showed that 92% of the phones and 82% of the hands tested had bacteria on them.
Sixteen percent of the hands and phones were contaminated with fecal bacteria.

Arkansas State University professor Stacy Walz is not surprised by the results of the UK study. “There’s for F’s to disease transmission, flies, feces, fomites and fingers, fomites being inanimate objects,” she said. “(In the study) we have cell phones, an inanimate object. We have fingers, which are always touching cell phones.”

Fecal matter can survive for several hours on skin and surfaces for several hours.

ASU professor Bill Payne said the public needs to remember not all bacteria are harmful. “We couldn’t exist in this world without bacteria. There’s bacteria that are found in the gut that supply vitamin K, and they also keep harmful bacteria from establishing themselves in the colon.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, washing hands regularly can prevent one million deaths a year.

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