Premium Tablet Screen Cleaning Kit - DTABK


Your Tablet is your vital tool for information at work and at play. Keep it clean by removing dirt, grime, fingerprints so your screen is clean to view files, web pages and photos. Kit contains: Premium Screen Spray: Completely safe to spray directly on screen because of the exclusive “no-run” formula. Screen Shammy™ Microfiber Cloth: Safely wipe and polish clean without leaving behind streaks or residue. Cloth is machine washable for repeat use. Versatile: Use on ALL types of high tech screens (Tablets, eReaders, smart phones, laptops, TV’s GPS and gaming devices) Anti-Static: Reduces the buildup of dust, resulting in less cleaning and reduced risk of damage. Non-aerosol formula contains no VOC’s or alcohol & the aluminum can is 100% recyclable.


Moore Number:
Country of Origin:
Spray made in UK, cloth made in China
0 86216 52991 7
30 086216 52991 8
3.25″ x 1/7″ x 6.025″
MC Dimension:
10.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.25″
CAS Number:

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